Nail Dipping Systems for Beginner

There are so many nail fanatics who are now loving the dipping system and there are just a lot of reasons for that. It is a nail polish that has been trending for a long time now. But if this thing is still new to you, for sure you will love having them on your nails once you have tried having one. If you read on, you will also find out the 7  nail dipping systems for beginner that we recommend.


What Makes the Nail Dipping System Hot?

Many find the best nail dipping system very beneficial to the nails. If you have a split or broken nail, you can easily use it as an overlay to your natural nail. It not only efficiently conceals the nails but also help it to heal. It leaves a flexible, lightweight, soft, at the same time long-wearing finish that just like gels.

A combination of powder and adhesive is used in this system to strengthen the nails, instead of monomer. This also reduces the fumes that you may escape in the air during application if you are using traditional nail police. That means it is also safer.

In addition to this, nail dipping systems do not release toxic smells since the application only use a resin, which is an activator, and finely milled acrylic powders, which helps it to be odorless.

It is also quite easy and quick to apply and remove, which makes it a great choice for a nail polish. You will not need a lot of tools, as well. There won’t be any need to use acrylic brushes, lamps, fans, even French cutting tools. Even beginners will find using this system quite easy to do.

If done properly, you can have great looking nails that you can wear from four to six weeks. Less frequent visit to the salon or DIY nails means more savings as well as more time to enjoy your fabulous-looking nails.

For the nail dipping system to check out, consider one of these that we recommend:

SNS Nail Dipping System

From the maker of quality nail polish comes the first known nail dipping systems. The SNS dip powder System leaves a durable finish on nails that can be worn for weeks without chipping or lifting. Since each dipping mixture is made of high-quality healthy ingredients, you will also notice your nails getting stronger and healthier looking after each application of this nail dipping system.

Beginners will love this complete SNS nail dipping student kit that includes everything that you will need for a perfect French manicure. Professional nail experts, on the other hand, will enjoy using the SNS Pro Kit. It is a complete set that is just perfect for salon experts who love to satisfy their clients’ requirements for that great-looking nails.

OPI Dipping Powder

OPI is another trusted name in the nail industry. Check out this page for all the fantastic dipping powder colors that you may want to choose from. For clear base and white dipping powder options, consider checking out these alternatives.

For that quick and odor-free application that leaves a gel-like finish you can wear for weeks and still look great, you can opt to use one of the colors from OPI.

Nugenesis Nail Dipping System

For nails that are healthy and gorgeous, use one of the formulas from Nugenesis Nail Dipping System. Each of its formulations is enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E that can make your nails strong and healthy. Each application leaves a lightweight, non-toxic, and also odor free finish. This system also leaves a glossy finish that is durable and can be worn for weeks without chipping.

Kiarasky Dipping Powder System

Everything that you would want from a dipping powder system is provided for you by Kiarasky Dipping Powder System. The brand speaks for itself. Get long-wearing, high-gloss, chip-resistant, at the same time healthy nails every time you have one of these colors on your nails. This is recommended for both beginners and experts.

Lavis Dip System (LDS)

Want natural-looking nails that are also strong and will last longer than other traditional nail polish? Consider using the LDS nails on your claws. You will find this dipping system quite easy to use and will be gentle on your nails. Choose one from these color variants.

DND DC Dipping Powder

With more than a hundred colors of this dipping powder system, you will always have a shade to complete your look. Get gorgeous-looking nails that won’t fade nor chip for weeks when you have the DND DC dipping system applied on your nails. Get a quick look at all the available options you have from this brand through this page.

Makartt All-Inclusive Dipping Powder Starter Kit.

This is a new special color dipping powder system for French manicure from Makartt that is easy-to-use, gentle on the nails, long-wearing, odorless, non-yellowing and also chip-resistant.  It is a professional manicure kit that is perfect for both salon and home DIY use.

Another plus factor of this nail dipping powder starter kit is that there is no need to use a nail lamp to have a great finish with this nail dipping powder system. This durable gel dries quickly and cures even without a light.