How to Create a Nail Art with Gel Dipping

Nowadays, expressing beauty and showing self-presentation is no longer confined to the aesthetics of hair and makeup. Nail art is also a way to express our taste and there are tons of ways to show it. With the growing inspirations from the newest nail art trend, the possibilities are endless.

The use of glitter, rhinestones and beads has been used since the 1990s and it is making a comeback in the world of fashion, beauty and nails recently. A lot of people find it difficult to put paint designs on nails but if you are going to use some eyelash glue and stick some rhinestones in it, then it is very easy.

Gel Dipping

But amongst all the nail art available out there, the easiest way and the longest lasting of them all is using glittered nail dipping powder. The very fine glitter sets durably with spirit gum adhesive. Plus, many glittered nail dipping powder available are safe and easy to use.


Nail Dipping Systems for Beginner

There are so many nail fanatics who are now loving the dipping system and there are just a lot of reasons for that. It is a nail polish that has been trending for a long time now. But if this thing is still new to you, for sure you will love having them on your nails once you have tried having one. If you read on, you will also find out the 7  nail dipping systems for beginner that we recommend.


What Makes the Nail Dipping System Hot?

Many find the best nail dipping system very beneficial to the nails. If you have a split or broken nail, you can easily use it as an overlay to your natural nail. It not only efficiently conceals the nails but also help it to heal. It leaves a flexible, lightweight, soft, at the same time long-wearing finish that just like gels. (more…)